Shearing day information guide

Penning prior to shearing

Please ensure all alpacas are able to be securely penned prior to, or upon our arrival. The pen must be small enough to catch the alpacas without chasing around a large area causing undue stress. Alpacas need to be secured with high hurdles to prevent jumping out, and possible injury (sheep hurdles are not high enough). Where possible, the pen and working area should be under cover.

Vehicle access will be required next to, or close by the shearing area. Please advise when booking if this is not possible.

Electric points

240v power points should be within reach of an extension lead from the shearing area.

The shearing process

Alpacas are restrained during shearing using specifically designed hobbles. Once secured the animal is carefully lowered to the shearing mat, the handler works alongside the shearer throughout the process. It is the owners responsibility to collect and bag the fibre for processing.

The saddle fleece is removed first, and should be taken from the mat immediately and bagged to avoid cross contamination. We take great care in cutting the fibre cleanly. Please ensure your fibre is bagged correctly, this will help with quality when processing. If unsure please ask, we are happy to advise.

Fibre / samples

Please ensure there are enough bags on hand for the fibre, usually three per animal. It is the owners responsibility to bag fibre as it's shorn unless otherwise agreed. Keeping the mat clear helps reduce the possibility of cross grade contamination. Please advise if fibre samples are required prior to shearing.

Weather / wet animals

Fibre must be dry for shearing, we are unable to work outside if raining or shear wet animals. All outside shearing dates are weather permitting and we may need to re schedule dates for outside work at short notice.

Feet and teeth care / vaccinations

We also provide foot trimming, dental care and fighting teeth removal. Vaccinations can be administered providing the correct dosage is supplied from your Vet.

Shearing day dates / arrival times

Although we endeavor to keep to dates and times, delays do occur. Weather and traffic often providing our biggest challenges. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control mean that we will be unable to arrive on time. Once a date is booked we will keep you updated with estimated arrival time. Please bear in mind that all dates for outside shearing are subject to weather conditions.

Wash down / disinfect

DEFRA / Veterinary approved bio security products.

Payment terms

We ask that payment is made on the day via our preferred method of transaction, iZettle card reader. All major credit and debit cards accepted.
Please note
: We are unable to offer credit facilities.

We look forward to seeing you on shearing day.

David and Moragh